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Nootropic- How Do They Boost Your Brain Function

Nootropics are also known as smart drugs or cognition enhancers, or vitamins for memory. They boost your brain function by improving cognition, memory, mental performance, mental energy and having a calming effect on the brain.

Biavexia Nootropic Drink shot has 8 ingredients, namely, L-Theanine, Citicoline CDP complex, Caffeine, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Inositol, Guarana extract, Rhodiola rosea extract and Phosphatidylserine which enhance your brain function. Lets briefly review how these ingredients act on different dimensions of your brain function.

Cognitive function

Nootropics improve the cognitive function of your brain by increasing the general state of mental alertness or arousal. They help you to focus on a task requiring attention by suppression of distraction and enhancing creativity.

Studies have shown that the ingredients such as Caffeine and L-Theanine present in Biavexia Nootropic Drink shot show acute positive effects on cognitive measures of attention such as reaction times, accuracy during task switching and reduction of tiredness compared to caffeine alone in healthy individuals1.

I Am Focused Boosts Cognitive Function


Nootropics improve your memory, reasoning skills, providing resistance to age-related memory decline. They facilitate the activity of internal pathways involved in learning and memory processing.

Research has shown the importance of Choline as a neuroprotective agent throughout the life of an individual from prenatal life to early and late adulthood. Citicoline present as an ingredient in Biavexia Nootropic Drink shot is a precursor of membrane phospholipids such as Phosphatidylcholine and neurotransmitter Acetylcholine, which are involved in brain metabolism and memory processing2. Similarly, Inositol works in conjunction with several other neurotransmitters and has been found to be involved in memory and executive function3.

I Am Focused Nootropic Helps Memory

Mental performance

Nootropics improve your performance in tasks requiring concentration and accuracy. They induce improvement in decision making, recall and temporal performance.

The ingredients such as Guarana extract, Tyrosine, Phosphatidylserine present in Biavexia Nootropic Drink shot are involved in increasing the mental performance. Experimental studies on healthy individuals given a combination of Guarana and Caffeine have revealed increased information processing in terms of speed and accuracy when they performed cognitive tasks coupled with submaximal exercise4. Likewise, multiple aspects of mental and physical performance in response to auditory and visual stimuli were shown to be increased when athletes were given Tyrosine in combination with Caffeine and L-Theanine5.

Biavexia I Am Focused Helps Mental Performance

Mental energy

Nootropics increase your mental energy, decreasing the effect of mental fatigue, tiredness and burn-out. They promote a sense of well-being and help you to handle stress effectively.

Rhodiola rosea extract present in Biavexia Nootropic Drink shot has anti-fatigue properties. It has been concluded by several clinical studies that the administration of Rhodiola rosea extract improves the quality of life, decreases symptoms of fatigue, and increases mental performance in individuals having stress related fatigue6.

Bivexia I Am Focused Mental Energy

Calming effect

Nootropics reduce stress, anxiety and have a calming effect on your brain. This is related to a reduction in irritability and mental fatigue.

L-theanine, present as an ingredient in Biavexia Nootropic Drink shot balances the effect of arousal produced by Caffeine. Evidence has shown that when given alone, L-Theanine improved self-reported relaxation, tension, and calmness by stimulation of the alpha waves in brain of healthy individuals7.

Calimin Effects of Biavexia I Am Immune Nootropics

In conclusion, all the nootropic ingredients work in close conjunction with each other to restore and rejuvenate your brain function. Further research is ongoing to investigate the effectiveness of nootropics in various combinations and dosages.

How Does Biavexia I AM Focused Boosts


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