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Nootropics Fighting Fatigue

Nootropics: A Powerhouse for Fighting Fatigue

Fatigue involves a decrease in the amount of energy that you can expend for your daily activities. Acute fatigue (onset < 1 month) occurs from doing tiring activities such as exercising, staying up later than usual, or doing a mentally demanding task. Chronic fatigue (onset> 6 months) occurs when you are usually fatigued and lacking motivation, despite your activities. It usually involves interference in physical and social activities.

The causes of chronic fatigue include stress, anxiety, depression, lack of quality sleep, a lack of relaxation, metabolic abnormalities, severe nutrient deficiencies, and use of medications1

Biavexia – I am Focussed drink shot has ingredients that lower your fatigue levels and help you to concentrate on whatever task you are doing. It reduces physical, mental exhaustion and stress, increases focus and attention and promotes relaxation.

Physical Exhaustion

Phosphatidylserine is an amino-acid derivative that is found in large amounts in your brain. Phosphatidyl serine is beneficial for both physical and mental fatigue. Evidence has revealed that phosphatidylserine improves time for exhaustion in cycling without having a significant effect on oxygen uptake, cortisol levels, rate of metabolism in the body2. In another study, the combination of phosphatidylserine and caffeine significantly decreased pre- to postexercise perception of fatigue, improved mood and decreased reaction times3.

Physical Exhaustion

Focus and Attention

Citicoline acts as an essential neuroprotective agent that regulates the activity of neural pathways. It stimulates the synthesis of structural phospholipids in your brain. This is endorsed by studies showing that healthy adults who consumed citicoline showed increased levels of phosphodiesters in brain tissue, such as glycerophosphocholine and glycerophosphoethanolamine, as evaluated by neuroimaging. These outcomes speak for citicoline’s ability to increase phosphatidylcholine synthesis. The increase in phosphorus metabolites related to citicoline intake are regionally specific, with the frontal lobe being the preferred site of deposition. This area of the brain contributes to memory function by facilitating focus, attention, working memory capacity, and by decreasing mental fatigue. Since citicoline’s effect was highly predominant in this brain region, this explains for its remarkable value in improved cognitive function and reduced fatigue4.

Focus and Attention


L-theanine has been used historically as a relaxing agent in tea. It promotes an alert relaxed state as evident by the alpha waves in the brain on the EEG. However, the combination of l-theanine with caffeine has a stimulating effect on your brain. Research has revealed that the combination led to faster simple reaction time, faster numeric working memory reaction time and improved sentence verification accuracy. The “headache” and “tired” ratings were reduced and “alert” ratings were increased. Thus, l-theanine has a positive effect on fatigue5.


Anxiety and Stress

Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogen herb that has uplifting and tonifying properties. It buffers the harmful effect of acute and long-standing fatigue. A study showed relief of stress symptoms such as fatigue and sensed weakness when Rhodiola rosea was administered for eight weeks in adults6. Likewise, Inositol intake was associated with a decrease in the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks in patients with panic disorder. The reduction in anxiety correlates to the decrease in fatigue7. Hence, inositol is involved in the regulation of the mental functions of your brain.

Anxiety and Stress

In conclusion, the Biavexia – I am Focussed drink shot provides essential nutrients that are required for maintaining an optimal balance against mental and physical fatigue. In case of persistent or exaggerated physical and mental symptoms of fatigue, please consult your health care provider.


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