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Are Nootropics For Everyone

Nootropics: Are They for Everyone?

Nootropics increase your brainpower by working on different aspects of brain functions. They improve cognition, memory, mental performance, mental energy and have a calming effect on the brain. Nootropics optimize brain function in people at all levels having varied lifestyles.

Biavexia Nootropic drink shot has highly effective ingredients suitable for people engaged in different activities such as students, professionals, athletes, and the elderly population.


Students require cognition skills such as sustained attention, good information processing, sharp memory, and efficient problem-solving abilities. The ingredients in Biavexia Nootropic drink shot optimize brain function of students by increasing alertness, concentration, increasing memory for remembering study material, reducing mental fatigue, and helping with stress balance for quality studying.

Evidence has revealed striking beneficial results on cognitive function in healthy young adults post-treatment with a combination of energy bars containing Caffeine, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine. Caffeine increases alertness or arousal and the performance on attention tasks; L-theanine improves vigilance on a rapid processing task, reaction time and working memory and L-tyrosine improves complex cognitive processes like word association and cognitive flexibility from one task to another1.

Nootropics for Students


Athletes must perform under pressure and require mental energy to reduce reaction to stress. The ingredients in Biavexia Nootropic drink shot increase mental and physical performance in athletes and boost their motivation to succeed.

A   review on use of herbal medicine for sports illustrates that nootropics increase mental vigilance, fatigue resistance, and endurance capacity in athletes, confirmed by several studies investigating the use of nootropics. Rhodiola rosea extract has been shown to improve time to exhaustion, lower muscle damage markers and improve attention and concentration in athletes. Similarly, Guarana extract has been found to activate the central nervous system leading to an increase in mental clarity, fatigue resistance, body weight in healthy active individuals2.

Nootropics for Athletes


Professionals perform multitasking and time management while working in a fast-paced environment. The ingredients in Biavexia Nootropic drink shot support their everyday work performance by allowing them to stay calm under stress and boost productivity by increasing brain energy.

Studies have shown that the administration of L-theanine improved stress-related symptoms such as depression and anxiety, improved sleep quality and cognitive function involving verbal fluency and executive function3. L-theanine stimulates alpha waves in the brain of healthy individuals, promoting relaxation and balancing the stimulant effect of Caffeine4.

Nootropics for Professionals


Elderly population may experience the effects of aging in the form of age-related memory decline, decreased mental performance and depressive symptoms. The ingredients in Biavexia Nootropic drink shot prevent memory loss, increasing willpower and mental energy to maintain a normal lifestyle in the elderly.

Research has revealed the positive impact on the memory, mood and self-reported general condition on elderly people with memory problems treated with memory boosters such as Phosphatidylserine5. Much emphasis has been laid by several studies on consumption of nutrients such as Choline, Vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids to prevent changes in the brain structural integrity leading to cognitive decline in healthy elderly population with no memory decline6.

Nootropics for Elderly

To conclude, Nootropics offer advantages for everyone to succeed in their professional aims and lifestyle goals. They enhance the cognitive function of the brain at all levels to meet varied demands and activities.


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