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I Am Immune - Advance Formula

BIAVEXIA “I AM IMMUNE” IMMUNE SUPPORT SUPPLEMENT DRINK SHOT contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, which are crucial vitamins that can help boost immunity.

When paired with other ingredients like shiitake mushroom and green tea leaf extract, these effects can be strengthened and give you the additional immune-enhancing benefits you need to protect your overall health and to stay away from unwanted diseases.

I Am Immune - Improved Skin Health

By pairing green tea leaf extract, grape seed extract along with Vitamin C and E, “I AM IMMUNE” IMMUNE SUPPORT SUPPLEMENT DRINK SHOT can promote firm, healthy, and glowing looking skin. Vitamin C can protect collagen and elastin of the skin, while Vitamin E can help soften the skin.

Research suggest that Vitamin E helps skin hold on to water, a key factor not only in softness but in healthy, resilient skin. “I AM IMMUNE” IMMUNE SUPPORT SUPPLEMENT DRINK SHOT can help you feel and look your best.

I Am Immune - Powerful Antioxidants

Grape seed extract, NAC and Glutathione are very high in antioxidants and can fight free-radicals and reduce oxidative-stress. These antioxidants can help your body to stay balanced and to continue functioning the way it should.

They have shown to support the immune system and they enhance the liver’s natural detoxification process. These ingredients play a key role in several critical functions within the body.

I Am Immune - Quality Shhtaki Mushrooms

Mushrooms are traditionally valued for both the nutritional value and composition of other active compounds believed to stimulate the immune system. Shiitake mushrooms (Lentinula edodes) contain polysaccharides that are commonly known as β-glucans. Beta-glucans are cell wall components of bacteria, fungi, and yeast. Beta-glucans offer different potential health benefits, for example, they support immune health, cardiovascular health, digestive health and gut health.

We encourage you to try BIAVEXIA “I AM IMMUNE” IMMUNE SUPPORT SUPPLEMENT DRINK SHOT for yourself and experience a new level of vibrancy and overall wellness.


12. Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extract has numerous health benefits including potent antioxidant activity and immune enhancement. Grape seed extract has been shown to help to lower cholesterol levels and to protect the heart. It has extensive antioxidant properties surpassing other popular antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E.

11. L-Glutathione

Glutathione is powerful antioxidant that is produced in the liver. The largest stores of glutathione are found in the liver, where it detoxifies harmful compounds so that they can be excreted through the bile.

10. N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

NAC is an antioxidant that aids in the production of collagen and promotes the proper elasticity and texture of the skin. It also helps to detoxify harmful toxins and protect the body from environmental pollution.

9. R-Lipoic Acid

R-lipoic acid can act as an essential cofactor for many enzymes involved in the production of energy. It also has characteristics, including significant antioxidant effects, that contribute to liver, brain, nerve, and eye health.

8. Shiitake Mushroom Powder

Shiitake are edible mushrooms that are low in calories, they also contain high-levels of fiber, minerals, and B-complex vitamins. Some of these ingredients and nutrients in Shiitake mushrooms are fiber, protein, riboflavin, niacin, copper, Vitamin B5, selenium, manganese, zinc, Vitamin B6, folate and vitamin D. They also contain terpenoids, sterols, and lipids, some of which have immune-boosting, cholesterol-lowering effects.

7. Green Tea Leaf Extract (with 98% Polyphenols and 45% EGCG)

Tea is generally consumed in the form of black, oolong, or green tea. They are all obtained from variations of the plant Camellia sinensis. Tea is cultivated in approximately 30 countries worldwide and is consumed globally. Although the level of tea consumption varies around the world, it is believed to be second only to water.

6. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is active in the growth and protection of the nervous system. Larger quantities are especially necessary to protect against neurological deterioration as we age. Vitamin B12 is also essential in converting homocysteine into methionine, which is used to build protein. It plays an important role in protein synthesis necessary for cardiovascular function.

5. Folate

Also known as folacin or folic acid, folate is considered a brain food and it is needed for energy production and the formation of red blood cells. It also strengthens immunity by aiding in the proper formation and functioning of white blood cells. Because it functions as a coenzyme in DNA and RNA synthesis, it is important for healthy cell division and replication.

4. Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is also known as pyridoxine. It is involved in more bodily functions than almost any other single nutrient. It is beneficial if you suffer from water retention and is necessary to produce hydrochloric acid and the absorption of fats and protein. It also aids in maintaining sodium and potassium balance and promotes red blood cell formation.

3. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a family of eight antioxidant compounds. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant in the human body and it works by preventing cell damage by inhibiting the oxidation of lipids (fats) and the formation of free radicals. It protects other fat-soluble vitamins from destruction by oxygen and aids in the utilization of Vitamin A.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is required for at least three hundred metabolic functions in the body including tissue growth and repair, adrenal gland function, and healthy gums. It also aids in the production of anti-stress hormones and interferon, an important immune system protein, and is needed for the metabolism of folic acid, tyrosine, and phenylalanine.

1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is known to prevent night blindness and other eye problems, as well as some skin disorders, such as acne. It enhances the immune system, it may help to heal gastrointestinal ulcers and it is needed for the maintenance and repair of epithelial tissue, of which the skin and mucous membranes composed. It is also an antioxidant.

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$25 / Box
5 Counts of 2 oz. Bottles in Each Box

I Am Immune Strawberry Lemonade Taste

• Enhance your immunity*
• Relieve stress and fatigue*
• Provide antioxidants to prevent oxidative stress*
• Support a detoxification process*
• Support a healthy liver and brain function*
• Provide nutrients to support a fully functioning metabolism*
• Boost energy*
• Support a healthy aging process*
• Increase wellbeing*
• Support whole-body balance*
• Support healthy skin glow*
• Offer optimal immune system protection*
• Offer bioactive compounds for better health*
• Provide effective high-quality immune-enhancing ingredients!

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Buy I Am Immune

$25 / Box
5 Counts of 2 oz. Bottles in Each Box

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